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Faculty Go on Strike

We, the Green River United Faculty Coalition, are striking against the unfair labor practices of college president Eileen Ely and the board of trustees. This 3-day strike will run Monday May 23, through Wednesday, May 25, and will take place at all four college campuses.This strike was called to protest the most recent in a long stream of unfair and wrongful labor practices by the college administration.

This strike is not about wages or negotiations. The faculty are on strike to stop cuts to vital programs, which also means a loss of jobs for faculty. The administration is proposing elimination of 11 programs after closing the auto body and GIS programs last year.

These cuts will harm the students and the surrounding community.

Despite the administration's claims that they have a budget deficit, they have money from higher tuition that international students pay, as well as a rainy day fund. These program cuts are unnecessary. There is no budget crisis; there is a leadership and fiscal management crisis, and the president is targeting and retaliating against faculty leaders who have spoken out about decisions that affect the mission of the college.

Support the faculty by joining the picket line, bringing water, giving food, or donating to a strike fund.

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