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Students Organize Petition to Save Trades and Demand Fairness from President Eileen Ely - Sign Here!

Students from Green River College started a petition at, demanding fairness from President Eileen Ely and the Board of Trustees.  


You can read the text below:

Green River College is considering cutting the Carpentry, Auto-Body, Parent-Child Education and GIS programs. 

This is due to the tense contract negotiations between the administration and the union. Instead of reducing the salaries of several high-ranking administrators, the administration is attempting to cut the programs they deem unnecessary. This is a power-play as well because the heads of these programs are active union leaders.   

These programs are vital to the community and provide access to better financial stability for many of our minorities. Green River College is also well-known for their Workforce Education program and prides itself in its ability to enable underprivileged individuals to receive the access they need for economic security. 

If any of these programs were cut, then the community and fellow students would suffer. Not only would faculty be laid off, but students would also not be able to complete their programs and lose both money and hours of investment. Workforce would also lose some of its ability to help minorities move towards a better future. Green River College would no longer be able to provide the surrounding communities with much-needed training and education. 

Sign the petition and tell the administration that it is not moral or ethical to consciously deprive minorities and students of their education. Save the trades and invest in the community and fellow students.